About Us

Maxwell Consulting was founded in 2020 as the boutique consulting firm in the larger network of the Archiva group of companies dedicated to guiding companies on the path to digital transformation.

The idea of creating a brand entirely devoted to consulting stems from the need to adopt an end-to-end customer approach in the era of digital transformation and help companies potentially become digital disruptors.

How do we do this?

  • Performing situational analysis by shadowing the relevant people within the company
  • Finding the most effective operational and digital solutions together with our clients
  • Implementing these solutions while accompanying the customer at each stage of the process

Why are we a boutique consulting company?

Maxwell Consulting chooses to be a smaller, yet niche and personal, consulting brand within a large group of companies. Our consultancy relationship doesn’t end in the analysis stage, we guide our clients through to implementation and beyond.

Our focus is on supporting companies in the digital transformation journey. This means looking at the ways these companies currently manage operations, processes, people and assets in order to put them on the road to digitalization which inevitabily improves efficiency, productivity and reduces costs.

Maxwell Consulting’s end-to-end approach – both pragmatic and technical – is the true strength of the company. We develop ad hoc organizational and digital solutions which are customized and and implemented in an agile and structured way.

Together with the Archiva group of companies, we consider ourselves a unifier of digitalization processes where the customer is guaranteed one point of contact with the promise of utmost professionalism and efficiency.

What is the story behind Maxwell?
People Driving Innovation

Maxwell Consulting derives from the Scottish mathematician and physicist, James Maxwell, who developed the first modern theory of electromagnetism. He demonstrated that electricity, magnetism and light are manifestations of the same phenomenon – the electromagnetic field. Maxwell’s work has been called “the second great unification” of physics after Isaac Newton for having regrouped all previous theories under the banner of one.

The name Maxwell embodies the same concept of “unifier” in terms of digital transformation. It combines analysis and strategy with operation; digital solutions with human experience; our working method applied to the services we provide.

The process of consulting is followed by action and practical execution, and most importantly, people are involved cross-functionally and across all departments during this important period of change.

We believe that behind all great innovation and technology, there are people that drive this change.

The Archiva group of companies


The privately-owned company was established in 1979 in Verona, Italy and now has affiliates in Germany, Poland and Switzerland in addition to operational sites in Milan and Cosenza in Italy. Archiva boasts a 200-strong workforce, a portfolio of over 1,500 clients and manages in excess of 100 million files digitally.

Archiva is an industry leader in document archiving and conservation in accordance with international standards and regulations with over 112 million documents certified every year. Specializing in outsourced services for process digitalization and digital business, Archiva has evolved from a pioneer in its use of technology into a leader in digitalizing business processes thanks to a high level of expertise and its innovative approach whilst relying on cutting-edge technology.

Archiva services and solutions include: digital archiving, process automation, digital preservation, document management and multichannel conveyance including market-leading solutions for electronic invoicing.

    Real Value

    Real Value Consulting is a Pega Professional Services company championed by Archiva and consists of a group of Digital Process Automation experts and Pegasystems certified partners and authorized training centers. Pega is our go-to platform for business transformation projects.

      Archiva Group Mission

      Our promise is to be a strategic partner in managing business processes and documents especially in the era of digital transformation. We aim to guide our customers through the complexities of bureaucracy, regulations and complicated processes to simplify the flow of information.

      We apply a pragmatic, technical and innovative approach that strives at achieving business growth while putting people at the forefront of change.

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